Every Pokémon Type, Ranked Weakest To Strongest (2024)


Every Pokémon Type, Ranked Weakest To Strongest (1)

By David Caballero



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Every Pokémon Type, Ranked Weakest To Strongest (5)


  • There are currently 18 different types present in the Pokémon franchise, and some are significantly stronger than others.
  • Bug-types, for instance, are on the low end of average with the lowest stat average, though they still feature powerful Pokémon.
  • Some types are specialized in dealing damage, while others are designed to provide supporting or tanking functionalities.

When the first Pokémon games were released in 1996, the type match-up chart looked a lot different than it does nowadays. A few years later, Generation 2 titles introduced the Dark- and immensely useful Steel-type, and nothing was ever the same. Fifteen years passed before a new addition came, with Fairy-types arriving to balance out the seemingly overpowered Dragon-type, which did not have too many effective counters until then. At the moment, eighteen types of Pokémon dominate the universe of the franchise – types that are often adapted when inserted into other game formats.

Some types definitely rank higher than others, especially those with the strongest Pokémon in their ranks or those with the most resistances and immunities to other types. Others are stuck at the bottom, whether because of their frailty or lack of memorable creatures. This is further intensified by the possible type combinations present in the game – and the unused Pokémon type combinations that may one day be explored. All of them create the perfect balance, though, providing color and variety to the over 1,000 Pokémon species that exist, but one of these is the strongest type in the franchise.


10 Pokémon With The Wrong Types That Gen 10 Can Fix

Some Pokémon types really don’t seem to match up with the Pokémon themselves, perhaps at least a couple of these could be corrected in Gen 10.

18 Bug-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 92

The Bug-type Pokémon get a bad reputation and they somewhat deserve it. Except for some really noteworthy members that considerably elevate the type's stat average, most of its Pokémon are quite weak. Indeed, Bug has the lowest average stat total of fully evolved Pokémon, with a meager 467, according to data compilation posted on Bulbapedia. It's also the only type that hasn't been assigned to a Legendary Pokémon so far.

There have been Bug-type Mythicals, like Genesect, Bug-type Ultra Beasts, like Buzzwole and Pheromosa, and Bug-type Paradox, like Slither Wing.

Weak to three types in the series and resisted by a whopping seven, Bug-types certainly are not the strongest Pokémon type in the game. There are very powerful Bug-type creatures in the franchise, such as the beloved Scizor or the recently introduced Slither Wing, as well as the fan-favorite Volcarona, but a lot of their potential actually stems from outstanding stats or power that they inherit from their secondary type.

17 Normal-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 133

Normal-type Pokémon, as their name suggests, aren't the most interesting, despite how cute their designs can be. They aren't super effective against any other type in the series, are resisted by Rock- and Steel-types, are weak to Fighting-type moves, and share a mutual immunity to Ghost-types. In short, they are the personification of averageness within the Pokémon franchise. There are some truly great Normal-type Pokémon, like Tauros, Miltank, Staraptor, Bewear, or the bestial Slaking. However, most playthrough teams don't include them.

It is worth mentioning, however, that there are some Normal-types that are quite useful in the competitive scene, mostly as tanks. Creatures like Slaking, Blissey, and Snorlax are all great damage mitigators, especially for double battles. Several Normal-type Pokémon lost their typing over the years, like Clefairy and Togepi, while others simply gained an extra typing. According to Bulbapedia, the average stat combination considering all fully evolved Normal-types is 483.

16 Flying-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 112

Flying-types are the definition of balance when it comes to strategic battle planning in the Pokémon universe. They have three weaknesses, three resistances, are super effective against three types, and are resisted by another three. They're also immune to Ground-type moves, which is a nice plus. Flying-types generally have above-average Attack and Speed but are also quite frail and are usually taken down with just a few moves – so much so that players need to be careful not to knock them out when trying to catch them.

When it comes to stats, Flying-types are among some of the weakest, with a total stat average of 495, according to Bulbapedia. Despite being the fourth most common type in the games, most of them are dual-types and there are currently only four pure Flying-types. Most playthrough teams before Gen 7 had at least one Flying-type because of how necessary the HM Fly is in-game, contributing to their role in the argument surrounding the best Pokémon types.

15 Electric-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 73

Electric-types are the very definition of "cool." Vibrant and dynamic, these creatures are as energetic as possible – and this is often translated into immense speed or unstoppable firepower. The strongest Electric-type Pokémon, however, usually have high Speed but low HP. They are only weak to Ground-types, which are also immune to them, and are super effective against the two most common types in the games: Water- and Flying-types.

Pure Electric-type Pokémon can also get rid of their Ground weakness by becoming airborne via moves like Magnet Rise, thus making them the only Pokémon with no weaknesses. While it may be risky to run Electric-type Pokémon due to how vulnerable they may be, even to non-Ground-type moves, the payoff is usually worth it, since these creatures can pack a punch with the simplest of attacks. In addition to that, they can also paralyze opponents, making them versatile supports for quick strikes. According to Bulbapedia, their stat average is on the lower end, with 502 points.

14 Psychic-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 109

One of two overpowered types in Generation 1, Psychic-type suffered quite a depowering in Generation 2. However, they remain some of the strongest Pokémon types in the games with the subsequent releases of more games. They are not without their flaws, though. They are weak to three types, resisted by two, and completely ineffective against one. They are super effective against two and able to resist the same amount. The type is considerably elevated by the many Psychic Mythical and Legendary Pokémon, and many League Champions have at least one of these in their teams.

Psychic-types are very popular for battles, too. Their ability to counter Fighting-types makes them very useful in subduing some of the games' heaviest hitters. They can also quell efforts by Poison-types, often used to counter Fairy-types. These creatures usually rely heavily on Special Attack, a stat that is often high for Psychic-types. Their average stat total for fully evolved creatures stands at 506, according to Bulbapedia.

13 Rock-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 78

Rock-types are among the most intimidating in the games. They are tough, aggressive, and imposing. When it comes to tactical battles, however, Rock-type is not the best. Although it's super effective against four types and able to resist four more, it's also weak against a whopping five and resisted by another three. Additionally, four-times weaknesses are common among Rock-types because they're usually paired with the Ground-type. Contrary to what one might think about the sturdiness of a Rock-type, these creatures are actually very frail.

In total, their stat average for fully evolved creatures reaches 513 points, according to data by Bulbapedia. Despite its frailness, there are some heavy hitters in the Rock-type group, such as the fan-favorite Tyranitar, several fossil Pokémon, and two new strong Paradox creatures, Iron Thorns and Iron Boulder. They're also very accessible in nearly every region, which makes them rather popular.

12 Water-type

Number Of Pokémon: 159

The most common type in the games, Water-type creatures in Pokémon are some of the most useful to have. Super effective against three types and capable of resisting four, including itself, Water only has two weaknesses and is resisted by three types. However, most Water-types can learn a strong Ice move to deal with Grass- and Dragon-, giving it a significant edge. All other types have been paired with Water-type at least once, giving it ample variety and dynamism.

With some of the most popular Pokémon in its ranks, Water certainly ranks as one of the best Pokémon types. Aside from being one of the starter types available when choosing a companion at the start of an adventure, the Water-type group also features several beloved creatures from the series. It also holds several great choices for competitive battles, either for their offensive value or their sturdiness as tanks and supports. According to Bulbapedia, their stat average rests at 513.

11 Grass-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 130

Grass-type is in a similar situation to Bug-type when discussing the strongest Pokémon types. In total, it is also resisted by seven types and it is actually weak to five types instead of three. Unlike Bug-types, however, Grass-types are given more versatility, being paired with nearly every type in existence. Its place as one of the three Starter types also gives it a considerable boost when it comes to reputation. With it, players can start their adventures with a Grass-type Pokémon that usually evolves into a very useful creature in battles.

Almost all teams have at least one Grass-type, cementing its importance within the franchise, despite its numerous disadvantages. This is because of their ability to counter certain types and type combinations that other types are simply incapable of doing. Additionally, Grass-types often have the ability to restore their own life, dispensing the need for potions and other items. The total stat average among fully evolved Grass-type Pokémon is 515, according to Bulbapedia.

10 Poison-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 87

The most common type in the Generation 1 games, Poison-types have surprisingly balanced stats. They have the privilege of being super effective against the still overpowered Fairy type, making them particularly useful in later games. While Fairy-types became useful for countering Dragon-types, they also brought Poison-types to the spotlight as one of the few types to actively counter them. Poison moves, however, are resisted by five different types and are ineffective against Steel.

They can usually be found early on in the games, although the most powerful ones are usually reserved until after the player has at least a couple of badges. They are often associated with the game's villainous groups, as creatures like Grimer and Zubat are often used by Team Rocket, for instance. This gives them a bad reputation as frail creatures, since the player is always besting these corrupt Trainers. Nevertheless, they boast an average stat total of 519, according to Bulbapedia.

9 Ghost-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 73

Ghost-type Pokémon rank as some of the most visually interesting in the games. They also have a lot of lore behind them, making them extra appealing. Ghost-types are mostly Special Attackers that have somewhat low HP and Speed – though they do evade a lot of damage depending on the type of move they use in combat. They are the only type with more than one immunity, being invulnerable to Normal and Fighting-type moves and super effective against Psychic-type and themselves.

All regions except for Kalos have at least one Ghost-type specialist as a Gym Leader or Elite Four Member. Ghost-types live up to their reputation as some of the creepiest and generally scary creatures in the Pokémon series and are often paired up with Dark-type. Stat-wise, their total average for fully evolved creatures reaches 524, according to Bulbapedia.

8 Ground-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 77

Bulky, tough, and rugged, Ground-types are among the strongest in the series. Immune to Electric-type attacks, Ground-types have three weaknesses and are resisted by two types. However, they are super effective against five types, including the all-powerful Steel-type and Electric-type Pokémon. Flying-types are immune to Ground-type attacks, which does represent a slight inconvenience – though many Ground-types can learn a few Rock-type moves that can counter Flying-types.

They are still ideal to provide good coverage, especially when paired with Ice- or Fairy-type. Ground-type Pokémon are staples in many competitive teams thanks to their high Attack and Defense stats. Depending on their build and stat distribution, they can either withstand blows as tanks or provide sheer firepower with intense offensive capabilities. Their statistical average for fully evolved Pokémon is at 530, according to Bulbapedia's data compilation.

7 Dark-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 82

Introduced in Generation 2 as a way to balance out the extremely overpowered Psychic-type, Dark-type Pokémon are fierce, angry-looking, and somewhat scary. Dark-type Pokémon often tend to represent the grittier aspects of the Pokémon franchise that are not necessary related to ghosts. They delve into the roles of subterfuge, mockery, and visceral power. They're strong Physical attackers with balanced stats and tied with Fighting-type as the ninth-rarest type in the franchise.

They're immune to and super effective against Psychic, making them a valuable addition to any team. They are weak to the common Bug-type, as well as Fairy- and Fighting-type, which does make them slightly less cool. Until Gen 8, Dark-type was the only one with no Gym Leader representation, although it did have three Elite Four specialists. According to Bulbapedia, their total stat average is 530 points.

6 Fairy-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 69

The newest addition to the type chart, Fairy-type might not seem like the most threatening type, which makes it even more dangerous, as they are often underestimated. Nevertheless, Fairy-types are not only strong in the Defense departments, but they also have some incredibly powerful attacks, most of them Special. Super effective against three types, including Dragon, to which they are also immune, Fairy is only weak against Steel and Poison. Fairy-types are still rare, but each of the last three generations had at least one Fairy-type specialist.

These seemingly surreal creatures were created specifically to remove Dragon-types from the top of the battle chain, so they live up to what they were designed to do. Their few weaknesses also make them deceptive in battle. Many Fairy-type Pokémon work as great support units, too, with moves that empower and protect. When it comes to their stat average, Bulbapedia ranks them with a total of 531 points.

5 Ice-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 58

Ice-type moves are super effective against four different types, including the overpowered Dragon-type – in fact, for a long while, this was the most effective counter against Dragon-type Pokémon, as using a Dragon-type Pokémon to counter one would also put the player at risk. Ice-type Pokémon, however, are weak against four types and are only capable of resisting themselves. They are resisted by four different types in the entire series, putting them in quite an unbalanced situation. Ice-types remain inaccessible for most of the main series games, becoming available past the plot's mid-point and thus limiting their usage.

According to Bulbapedia, they are a bit stronger, with an average stat rate for fully evolved Pokémon reaching 532 points, but their weaknesses are extremely notable and offset how much damage they put in. The typing is well-known for its glass cannons, though there are some tanks. In addition to that, Ice-types also have some of the strangest and most divisive designs in the series, which further adds to their lack of popularity. Creatures like Vanillite, for instance, are some of the most uncreative Pokémon designs inspired by real-life objects.

4 Fire-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 87

Another of the Starter types, Fire-type is consistent and reliable. With a nice balance between Physical and Special attacks, Fire-types represent around 8% of all Pokémon and have been paired up with most of the existing types. They are super effective against four different types – including the powerful Steel – and can resist a further six. Fire is weak to three types, including the common Water- and Rock-types, and is resisted by four.

Fire-type specialists are present in every region except Johto, making it a popular and respected type in the Pokémon world. Fire-types tend to be very good offensive choices, though some of the creatures in this group are actually surprisingly good as supports or even tanks. The versatility of the group is represented by its high stat average, which reaches 543 points, according to Bulbapedia.

3 Fighting-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 82

Despite being super effective against five different types, Fighting-type is also resisted by the same amount. It resists three types and is weak to the same amount. Finally, it is entirely useless against Ghost-types, giving it an extra disadvantage. Still, Fighting-type Pokémon are as ferocious as their name would suggest. They are strong Physical attackers who compensate for their average stats with high Attack. So far, every generation has included a Fighting-type Specialist, whether a Gym Leader, an Elite Four member, or a Team Star leader.

They tend to pack a heavy punch and are also quite resilient, making them a very balanced choice for battles. They can also counter some very enduring tanks from the Normal-type and Rock-type groups. In fact, taking down creatures like Snorlax and Slaking is often the responsibility of a Fighting-type creature. According to Bulbapedia, the average stat total for fully evolved Fighting-types is 547.

2 Steel-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 77

When speaking of overpowered types, none come to mind faster than Steel-type. Introduced in Generation 2, ironically to balance out the then overpowered Psychic-type, Steel quickly became the ultimate threat. Steel-types have high Physical Attack and Defense. Their incredible resilience allows them to be operated in the most diverse ways, from strikers to tanks and even supports.

They make up for their below-average Speed by boasting a ridiculous ten resistances to some of the strongest types including Dragon-, Psychic-, and Fairy-type, against which they're also super effective. According to Bulbapedia, Steel-type's statistical average is at 549 points, making it some of the most optimized creatures. Immune to Poison and with only three weaknesses, Steel ranks as one of the best types to use in Pokémon, second only to the one that has never left its post.

1 Dragon-Type

Number Of Pokémon: 75

Despite the numerous debuffs it has received over the years, Dragon-type is still the most powerful in all the Pokémon games. It has the highest base stat total average of all fully evolved Pokémon at a whopping 612 points, according to Bulbapedia. A lot of that merit goes to the many Legendaries and pseudo-Legendaries that share the type.

Dragon-types have very high stats, especially HP, and Attack and Defense, both Physical and Special. They are only super effective against themselves, though, and have two more weaknesses, to Ice- and Fairy-types. Even without having an advantage over types, their sheer firepower compensates for the lack of other types weak to its moves. These creatures are among the most inaccessible in the games, signifying just how special they are in the Pokémon franchise; even obtaining them in their most basic form tends to be a challenge.

Source: Bulbapedia (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18)

Every Pokémon Type, Ranked Weakest To Strongest (7)

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