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FaceVary - Free online face changer that allows you to swap heads and replace faces in photos.

Face Swap

Face swap is a photo trend where you switch your face with someone else's. You can use FaceVary to swap faces in photos. With FaceVary, you can swap your face with your friends, celebrities, or even historical figures. You can create funny videos, memes, and collages, or just have some fun experimenting with your appearance.
Face swaps are often used to:

Swap your face with someone else's

Swap your face with an animal or inanimate object

Fix group photos of friends and family

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Multiple Face Swap

Explore our Multiple Face Swap feature, facilitating the interchange of multiple faces within a group photo. It's an engaging and inventive approach to involve everyone in the amusem*nt, whether swapping faces among friends or crafting a fresh group portrait altogether.

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Video Face Swap

AI video face swap video enables the substitution of one person's face in a video with another face, offering versatility in creating humorous, imaginative, or authentic videos portraying oneself or others in diverse settings.

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Batch Face Swap

Our face swap technology extends beyond individual photos, allowing you to efficiently swap faces in batches. With this feature, you can seamlessly replace faces across multiple pictures with a single target face or swap multiple target faces with the same picture in batches. This batch processing capability streamlines the face swap process, saving you time and effort while offering endless possibilities for creative expression.

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What you can do with Face Swap?

Explore the intriguing possibilities and unexpected applications that lie beneath the surface of this innovative technique. Uncover a world where facial transformations are more than meets the eye, offering a blend of creativity and technology that extends far beyond your initial expectations.

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Swap Head

Head swapping proves invaluable for correcting group photos with closed eyes or unflattering expressions, crafting humorous visuals, and producing polished, professional headshots.

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Gender Swap

Join the TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram gender swap trend to freshen up your social media. Share your gender-swapped photo to attract likes and fans, giving your online presence a vibrant update.

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Celebrity Face Swap

Place your face onto the photo of any celebrity you admire and witness your appearance transformed into a different style. Blend your features with those of a celebrity to craft intriguing content.

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Meme Face Swap

Funny memes enjoy widespread popularity across social media platforms. Utilize face swap feature to generate fresh, comedic memes using your own face or any other visage. Share the laughter with ease!

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Swap with Movie Roles

You can swap faces with your favorite movie characters, whether you want to become a fearless superhero or a charming romantic lead. Share your images and igniting excitement within the movie fandom.

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Face Swap on Painting

Swap the faces in classic paintings with your own face, share them with friends and on social media, and cultivate a unique personal style.

What People Say

Face Swap Online Free (11)

Absolutely blown away by the face swap feature! It's incredibly user-friendly, and the results are astonishingly realistic. Highly recommend!

Face Swap Online Free (12)

The mobile support makes FaceVary super convenient, and the accuracy in swapping faces is impressive. My friends couldn't believe how seamless and natural it is.

Face Swap Online Free (13)

I've tried a few face swap apps before, but FaceVary takes the cake. The interface is intuitive, making it a breeze to upload and swap faces. This is such a fantastic tool!

FAQ About Face Swap Online Free

Got any question about Face Swap Online Free? We've got answers.

What is Face Swap?

Face Swap is a technology or feature that allows users to interchange faces in photos or videos, often achieved through the use of specialized software or applications.

How can I face swap online for free?

You can use Remaker's Face Swapper to swap faces online for free. Here are the steps:
1. Upload the original image that contains the face you want to replace.
2. Upload the image that features the face you want to use as a replacement.
3. Preview the face swap result and, if you're satisfied, download the swapped image. Enjoy!

Is face swap Legal?

The legality of face swapping is a complex issue and can depend on various factors.
In general, there are no direct laws per se that specifically address face swap or deepfake technology. However, existing laws related to privacy, the right to one's own likeness, and defamation/false light claims may intersect with the issues raised by face swaps.
In the United States, for example, face-swap p*rn may not be considered a privacy issue, as it involves the use of manipulated images rather than actual private information. This means that current legislation that criminalizes nonconsensual p*rn may not apply to face-swap cases.

Can I swap faces on iPhone?

Yes, you can. Remaker’s face swapper is now compatible with mobile devices. You can use FaceVary on any mobile browser, such as Safari on iPhone, or Chrome and Firefox on Android.

Is face swap online safe?

Yes, using FaceVary for face swapping online is safe due to the robust privacy protections and stringent security measures we have implemented. FaceVary does not store or save any of the images uploaded by users or the resulting face swap images. Furthermore, FaceVary does not collect any personal user data such as location or usage details. Our privacy policy is transparent and assures users that we do not engage in tracking or profiling.
Additionally, all uploaded and generated images on FaceVary will be deleted within 48 hours, further ensuring the privacy and security of our users.

Face Swap Online Free (2024)
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