Lemon Thyme Risotto Recipe (2024)

Lemon Thyme Risotto will be the Italian dish you'll crave and make over and over again. Enjoy with a crispy glass of white wine.

Some things seem hard, so very hard. Undoable, really.

Until we put in the blood and sweat and tears and they become second nature to us.

Changing a newborn’s diaper? It’s nerve-wrecking at best and tear-inducing at worst.

Until you‘ve done it more times than you can count, and you’re able to do it in your sleep. (Which is exactly what you WILL be doing, by the way.)

Learning a new skill. How many times have you decided to learn a new language, only to give up because it seemed too hard to do, like you’d never get a true grasp of it?

Wanted to learn about photography? Wood work? Craft beer? Artisanbaking? Or something a little less hipster - knit your new baby some cute booties?

Changing diapers is something you‘ll inevitably have to do until your kid is ready to go without.

But learning a new skill, a newcraftsmanship? You can quit. You can quit so easily.

And then you‘ll feel guilty, because you never pull through. You feel ridiculous because can you not just get over how hard it isand put in the work for once?

Are you somehow broken, or what the eff is wrong with you?

And in the end you come to the conclusion - it’s all your fault, you must be such a lazy person.

But you’re wrong. (What, WRONG AGAIN?! Hear me out.)

It’s not you. It’s everything else.

And by everything, I mean the overwhelm of doing all the things, all of the time.

We scroll through Instagram and feel like we need to become professional photographers to keep up with that guy we faintly remember from high school. We’re convinced we need to learn three new languages this year, because otherwise Cousin Mandy “wins”.

Only - what does she “win”? Best language learner award? The "You Are So Much Better At Life Than Me” diploma?

And it doesn’t stop with ourselves either, because we transfer this to our kids as well.

Just think about school for a minute. All the subjects.

Every teacher expecting them to “get” every subject. So many different skills, competences and abilities to acquire.

And then we fill their free time with extra-curriculars, sports and what-nots because how will they ever stand a chance against that violin-playing doctor’s daughter?

Are you a Modern Family watcher? This is why Alex Dunphy is always so stressed.

This is why Hermione goes nuts trying to fit in every subject with a time turner.

And this is why you can never pull through, why you feel like a failure, why you think you must be broken somehow.

It’s just too much. You can do anything, but you cannot do everything.

Sure, some may seem to cope with the demands of doing seventeen things on any given Sunday.

But can you really see behind their facade? Can you really see how much (or little) patience they have with their children doing homework at 10.30pm? Can you really tell how healthy their marriage is, how much strength they have left to love and cherish each other?

When you decidetosimplify your life(note how I say “when” and not “if”, because I’m a positivity-ist and I believe in you), you can’t stop at your physical belongings, at materialism. It goes deeper, so so much deeper.

And in some ways, I believe it’s where you should start before you ever tackle your capsule wardrobe.

If you pick your very best to focus on instead of trying to give everything a little bit of attention, the “pulling through" becomes effortless. Because it’s the ONE thing you want to achieve, right?

If the manual mode settings of your camera aren‘t hindering your ability to get a grasp of the irregular verb forms in French, or even how exactlyto parent that crazy toddler of yours - when you focus on your Most Important, the handful of VIPs in your life, everything falls into place.

It’s the baby-steps game of real life. When you do less, you do it better. You do it with more passion. And you do it with so much more love.

To hell with multi-tasking. Only when you focus on what deserves your attention, the distraction of doing multiple times at once becomes… Less distracting.

It’s the reason why I used to feel like my children are just in my way (while, at the same time, achieving nothing at all really), distracting me from work/play/whatever the hype of the day used to be.

And slowing down, narrowing the focus of my life, doing less with intention, is the reason why, while writing this post, I paused three times to feed my toddler and then got up to eat imaginary ice cream with her.

After that I simply got back to writing.

It doesn’t stop with the big-picture stuff, though. Doing too much, being too cluttered with our actions, is something that penetrates every part of our lives, even the mundane ones.

Take cooking for example. Cooking risotto.

Are you going to call me crazy when I tell you it’s one of our quick and easy go-to weeknight dinner options? No, it’s not because we’re fancy Europeans thinking life is not worth living without eating deliciousItalianfood every day.

It’s not because I need an excuse to drink wine (last week while grocery shopping, my 2.5 year old earnestly told the cashier that the white wine we’re buying is for risotto, NOT KIDDING HERE).

It’s because we love risotto, and we made it so many times we can now do it in our sleep while changing diapers.

Or something like that.

Focusing on fewer recipes and more excellency at adding variety to them is whatsaves my sanity with little kids in the kitchen.

If you love risotto, I want to challenge you, no matter how scary you think it is to make, do it. Don’t try to learn any other new recipes while you’re at it.

Cook risotto. Every week, until you can cook risotto just as well as you can change a diaper.

Or maybe even a little bit better.

Are you tired of the dinner routine?

Stuck in a rut or looking for fun new recipes to try?

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Lemon Thyme Risotto Recipe (4)

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Lemon Thyme Risotto Recipe (2024)


Can I use lemon thyme instead of thyme? ›

You can substitute it for lemon, lemon juice or zest to add a subtle earthiness to a dish, or substitute it for thyme to add some zesty brightness. Lemon thyme is at its best when fresh. Add it to your cooking at the last minute, and chop the leaves just before you use them for maximum freshness and flavour.

What can I do with lemon thyme plant? ›

Herbs are always a great addition to food. Lemon thyme leaves sprinkled over grilled or roasted vegetables is divine. Toss a handful of herbs in with salad greens. This delicate, citrusy herb also works really well with fish.

How to make risotto like a chef? ›

The chef spends 16 minutes exactly focusing just on feeding risotto with stock or water, eyeing the rice while it simmers to ensure that the liquid is slowly plumping the grains rather than quickly drying them out. As with pasta, al dente is key to this Italian style of cooking.

What are the properties of lemon thyme? ›

Lemon thyme is rich in iron, as well as vitamins C, D, and B-complex. The essential oil in Lemon thyme contains natural compounds that provide antioxidant and antiseptic properties, notably a compound called thymol, which also gives the herb its citrusy flavor.

Does lemon thyme need a lot of water? ›

Watering lemon thyme is a low-maintenance affair. Lemon thyme prefers dry conditions, so watering it weekly or even every few weeks is fine. Once the soil is truly dry to the touch, water the soil until it's drenched.

What not to plant next to Lemon Thyme? ›

Chives, cilantro, and basil are not ideal companion plants for thyme because they have different growing requirements and may compete for the same nutrients in the soil.

Is all Lemon Thyme edible? ›

All thymes (and there are over 350 species in the genus Thymus) are edible and this includes varieties usually thought of as ornamental or medicinal. However, some are more popular in cooking than others.

What does Lemon Thyme repel? ›

Lemon-scented plants contain citronella and are believed to be natural mosquito repellents.

What is the secret ingredient in risotto? ›

Use Salted Water Instead of Broth in Risotto

It's an ingenious tip on many levels.

What is the secret to a good risotto? ›

Top 10 Tips for a Great Risotto
  • Always use warm stock. ...
  • Use a wide pan. ...
  • Use Arborio rice. ...
  • Toast the rice. ...
  • Deglaze with wine. ...
  • Watch your time. ...
  • Stir, but not too much. ...
  • Add the stock in small increments.
Feb 19, 2021

How do you cut lemon thyme? ›

Snip and Shape: How to Prune Lemon Thyme
  1. Visualize the desired shape of your Lemon Thyme before you start snipping. ...
  2. Begin by removing dead or diseased stems to promote healthy growth. ...
  3. Cut back the plant by no more than one-third to avoid shock and ensure it remains hearty.
Jan 28, 2024

What are the side effects of lemon thyme tea? ›

Thyme Tea Side Effects

Thyme tea is generally considered safe to consume and has a low risk of side effects. However, because it acts as a diuretic, taking too much can cause dehydration which can lead to headaches and dizziness.

Does lemon thyme come back every year? ›

Many of nature's best features are packed in thyme. Lemon thyme, though, is a perennial on top of this, meaning the herb will keep coming back year after year. So, your initial plant growing efforts will be paying dividends. Lemon thyme is mostly reserved for culinary uses, but it never ceases to amaze!

What can I use if I don't have thyme? ›

Our favorite thyme substitutes:
  • Oregano.
  • Marjoram.
  • Parsley.
  • Rosemary.
  • Basil.
  • Tarragon.
  • Summer Savory.

What can I substitute for thyme thyme? ›

Oregano. Almost any fresh herbs will make an acceptable substitute for thyme, but oregano is a great herb to start with. To use oregano as a substitute, note that you can use a 1:1 ratio for fresh thyme. The same goes when swapping dried oregano for dried thyme.

What can I replace thyme with? ›

The Best Thyme Substitutes
  • Oregano. Fresh or dried, oregano hits many of the same earthy, minty, savory and slightly bitter notes as thyme. ...
  • Marjoram. You can also use fresh or dried marjoram in place of thyme. ...
  • Basil. ...
  • Savory. ...
  • Poultry seasoning. ...
  • Italian seasoning. ...
  • Za'atar. ...
  • Herbes de Provence.
Oct 28, 2019

What not to plant next to lemon thyme? ›

Chives, cilantro, and basil are not ideal companion plants for thyme because they have different growing requirements and may compete for the same nutrients in the soil.

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