Mashed Potato Flatbread Recipe - Happy Foods Tube (2024)

Having leftover mashed potatoes? Turn them into this easy mashed potato flatbread! It’s a yeast-free & oil-free side dish that everyone loves!

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Making mashed potato flatbread is so easy that even kids can do it! It’s also perfect for beginners as there are no special skills required to make it.

This is a very simple flatbread recipe that is perfect for using up leftover mashed potatoes. So if you have some potato leftovers from Thanksgiving or Christmas, this is THE THING to make!

Similar to Sweet Potato Flatbread, this goes well with all sorts of dishes: curry, meats, braised cabbage, fill it, top it or eat it plain. There are unlimited possibilities and you can find your own way to enjoy this mashed potato flatbread the most.

Mashed potato flatbread origin:

Now it’s funny how we think about certain foods or dishes are typical for say our country. We might even believe there is no such thing anywhere else in the world. Well, let me tell you that that is hardly the truth.

Take this mashed potato flatbread. In Slovakia where I come from this side dish is served traditionally with duck and braised cabbage. We call this potato flatbread lokše (pronounce lokshe). I’d say it was highly popular due to its simple preparation, easily available ingredients and the most important fact that there were only 2 ingredients used to make it. When people were short of money this was definitely the thing to make!

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So there I am thinking that lokše are a typical Slovakian side dish that is hardly to be found anywhere else. Well, let me tell you I was wrong.

You see, in Norway they have lefse. Unlike in Slovakia, they prefer eating them sweet – with sugar, cinnamon, peanut butter, jam, …. They also add butter, milk or cream in their mashed potatoes while we normally don’t.

Then Imove to Ireland and find potato farls. Farls are similar to this mashed potato flatbread when it comes to their taste. They don’t look like tortillas though. Farls are way thicker and quadrant-shaped.

Isn’t that interesting how we come across similar tastes when we travel the world?

So whether you call them Slovakian lokše, Norwegian lefse or simply mashed potato flatbread it does not really matter! What matters is their taste that will not disappoint you! I guarantee you that.

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How to make mashed potato flatbread:

So I generally go with one cup of potato mash and one cup of flour. This is mixed together. It is very easy and only takes about 2-3 minutes.

The dough will be soft but should not be too sticky. It should not be dry. Sometimes your dough might need more flour. But try adding it only when it’s way too sticky to work with.

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I recommend using more flour for dusting rather than adding extra in your dough. The best way to form the dough is on your work top. It’s the quickest way and you can save a bowl this way.

Roll the dough into a sausage and cut into 8 pieces. If you have more mashed potatoes, feel free to double the recipe.

Rolling out is easy but make sure you dusted the work top as well as the dough well. You don’t want it to stick to your rolling pin or work top.

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You have 3 options how to organize yourself:

  1. Roll out a few flatbreads before you turn on the pan to dry-fry them. Then you gave yourself a head start and while dry-frying those, you can roll the rest.
  2. Roll out all of them first and then dry-fry them one by one.
  3. Roll out one, throw it in your pan and while that one is dry-frying, roll another one.

There is no best way to do this. If you want to save time, then go with the third option or the first. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the flatbread that is in your pan.

This mashed potato flatbread is soft and chewy. To keep them warm, place them in a bowl and cover with a plate. You can also keep them wrapped in tin foil.

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Good to know:

Just so you know you can make this with plain mashed potatoes or with leftover mashed potatoes where you probably have already put salt, butter and milk. Both ways will work. You might need to adjust the amount of flour slightly.

Check out some more flatbread recipes:

  • Hungarian Langos
  • Focaccia Bread with Olives and Thyme

Want to see how to make Mashed Potato Flatbread? Watch the video!

Mashed Potato Flatbread

Having leftover mashed potatoes? Turn them into this easy mashed potato flatbread! It’s a yeast-free & oil-free side dish that everyone loves!

Prep Time15 minutes mins

Cook Time20 minutes mins

Total Time35 minutes mins

Servings: 8 Flatbreads

Calories: 83

Author: Julia


  • 1 cup Mashed Potatoes (about 8.5 ounces/240 grams fresh potatoes)
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour (Plain Flour + extra for dusting (about ½ cup))


  • Place the flour and potato mash onto your work surface. Using your hand(s) start bringing the ingredients together until you form sticky dough.

  • Roll this into a sausage and cut into 8 pieces. Form each piece into round shape.

  • Make sure the work top and dough is dusted with flour before you start rolling it out. Roll it out thin.

  • Cook on medium to high heat on a dry frying pan for about 2 minutes (1 minute per side) or until done.

  • Best served right away while still warm.


  1. This potato flatbread can be made with leftover potato mash as well as freshly made mash. Just make sure it’s cooled down before you start working with it.
  2. If your mashed potatoes include butter, milk/cream and seasoning this is fine. You just might need to adjust the amount of flour a bit. However, the potato mash should not be way too runny.

Course: Bread, Side Dish

Cuisine: International

Keyword: Easy Flatbread Recipe, How to make Flatbread, Potato Flatbread

Nutrition Facts

Mashed Potato Flatbread

Amount per Serving

% Daily Value*




















Vitamin C














* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

** As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Mashed Potato Flatbread Recipe - Happy Foods Tube (2024)


Why do restaurant mashed potatoes taste better? ›

Instead of regular milk, pro chefs generally use a generous helping of buttermilk and plenty of half-and-half or (even better) heavy cream in their potatoes. If you think the bartenders up front are pouring heavy, they've got nothing on the cooks in the back who are in charge of the mashed potatoes.

Why put a raw egg in mashed potatoes? ›

Adding egg yolks to a pot of mashed potatoes is an easy, dairy-free texture and taste upgrade that doesn't require any special techniques. The yolks harbor all the flavorful fats and emulsifying components and will thus effectively unify the fat and water in potatoes, translating to a smoother, uniformly creamy pot.

How to make mashed potatoes like Joel Robuchon? ›

  1. PLACE unpeeled potatoes in a pot and cover with water. ...
  2. TURN potatoes through a food mill on the finest setting, back into the cooking pot. ...
  3. STIR in warm milk until combined. ...
  4. SMOOTH the top of the potatoes with the back of a spoon or an offset spatula.
  5. TRY to stop licking the spoon.
Apr 6, 2023

What potatoes does Ina Garten use for mashed potatoes? ›

Garten's recipe uses a few simple ingredients, including Yukon Gold potatoes.

Why add butter before milk in mashed potatoes? ›

Overworking the potatoes will cause them to get gummy, potatoes should still be light and fluffy. 6. Add the butter first. Adding the butter first helps to coat the starch in the potato, resulting in a creamier potato.

How do you make Ina Garten mashed sweet potatoes? ›

Place the sweet potato meat into the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a paddle attachment and add the orange juice, cream, butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt, and pepper. Mix together until combined but not smooth and transfer to a baking dish. Bake the potatoes for 20 to 30 minutes, until heated through.

What is a good thickener for mashed potatoes? ›

You can use what you have on hand: Flour, cornstarch, or powdered milk are all solid options that are probably already in your pantry. Potato flour and potato starch would work as well. Stir in the thickening agent gradually, about a tablespoon at a time, until the potatoes have reached your desired consistency.

What makes mashed potatoes sticky instead of fluffy? ›

The Mistake: Using the Wrong Kind of Potato

Thick-skinned varieties like russets will give you the fluffiest results. Steer clear of waxy red-skinned potatoes, which turn gluey when mashed.

How do you make mashed potatoes fluffy without gummy? ›

Ricer or Colander

Start as you would any mashed potato recipe—by boiling the potatoes until tender—then allow them to cool before adding them to a ricer. "If you rice them right away, you're not allowing excess moisture to evaporate off the potatoes," Greg says. Skipping this step can lead to dense, gluey potatoes.

Why are my mashed potatoes sticky and not fluffy? ›

Using the wrong type of potato.

Because these varieties have a low starch content, they don't break down or absorb dairy as well as other starchier varieties, and often result in a gluey or gummy texture when mashed. Follow this tip: For fluffy mashed potatoes, use starchy potatoes, like Russets or Yukon Golds.

What do professional chefs use to mash potatoes? ›

The secret weapon, a good potato ricer (affiliate). This pushes the potatoes into strings, which helps them soak up every bit of the cream and achieve maximum fluffliness.

How to make chef quality mashed potatoes? ›

  1. Place potatoes in a large pot and cover with salted water. Bring to a boil. ...
  2. Drain potatoes, then return to the pot. Turn heat to high and allow potatoes to dry for about 30 seconds. ...
  3. Mash potatoes with a potato masher twice around the pot, then add milk and butter. Continue to mash until smooth and fluffy.
Aug 16, 2022

What are the best potatoes for mashed potatoes Gordon Ramsay? ›

If you'd like to replicate his mouthwatering recipe, the chef used peeled Yukon Gold potatoes. He was sure to not rinse them too much as he wanted to keep the starch, explaining that the starch gives the mashed potatoes their depth and richness.

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