Mother whose son, 12, and husband, 49, went missing is 'heartbroken' (2024)

The wife and mother of missing hillwalker Tom and Richie Parry said she is 'heartbroken' after two bodies were found by police.

Tom, 49, and his 12-year-old son went missing in Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands after embarking on a walk in tricky weather conditions.

Experienced hikers Tom and Richie had been due to return to their Cheshire home in Alsager on Wednesday after travelling to Glen Nevis and Glencoe.

They had climbed the UK's highest mountain, Ben Nevis, on Monday before travelling to Glencoe on Tuesday, where they set off amid thundery skies.

But on Thursday, police said they had recovered two bodies in their urgent search for the pair.

Speaking at the family home, Gemma Parry said: 'I've not heard anything more.'

Asked how she was coping, she said: 'I'm doing the best I can. I'm heartbroken.'

Gemma Parry (pictured with her husband Tom) said she is 'heartbroken' following the news two bodies have been found

Richie Parry, 12, from Cheshire, went missing with his father while hillwalking in the Scottish Highlands

The Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team said that Richie and Tom were experienced hikers (Pictured: Glen Coe)

A close friend of Mr Parry, who said he first met him when the pair were at primary school together in Ipswich, asked for prayers for Gemma and the rest of Tom and Richie's loved ones.

Bart Seaton-Said, who now lives in Brisbane, wrote online: 'Tom was in so many ways a heroic soul. He was loyal and sensitive to others and faced obstacles with fortitude. This world is the less for his passing.'

He added: 'Tom and I met aged five at St Margaret's C of E Primary School in Ipswich.

'Later, at Ipswich School we became close companions and have remained in touch. I was to be best man at Tom and Gemma's wedding but had been sent to Brisbane by the Society of St Francis just before Tom requested this so was unavailable to tell tales of our misspent youth, on that occasion.

'Tom and I spent many hours behind several pints of English ale at the Moon and Mushroom Pub in Swilland.

'This very particular Suffolk pub is the closest in my mind to Tolkein's Prancing Pony as ever there was. Tom and Gemma and two children graciously joined my 40th birthday lunch there ten years ago.'

Officers previously confirmed they had found Mr Parry's car in the Three Sisters car park in Glencoe where they stopped on Tuesday to go hillwalking.

Glencoe Mountain Resue said the father and son were experienced hillwalkers.

Posting a tribute to the pair on Facebook earlier today, one fellow walker claimed she had seen Mr Parry and his son at the summit of Ben Nevis and they had been 'proud' to make it to the top.

She wrote: 'Me and my family met them when we walked up Ben Nevis. They were so proud they made it to the top. Heartbreaking news, thought and prayers are with family and friends.'

A business colleague of Mr Parry's also said their deaths had come as a 'huge shock.'

Nigel Howle, who runs a public relations firm, said Mr Parry, who, according to his Linkedin profile, works as a specialist business researcher had been walking in the Highlands with his son several occasions.

He was a former client and expert in market research, Mr Howle said.

It is believed weather conditions were not ideal when Richie and Tom Parry set out on their walk

Police searching for father and son Tom Parry, 49, and his son say the pair's family have been informed

'I recall Tom as a very kind, courteous man,' he said. 'Tom was extremely knowledgeable around the subjects of market research. Rest In Peace Tom and Richie.'

Janet Keeling, managing director of Crewe-based security experts, The Senate Group, where Mr Parry had worked for the past six years, said he was an 'dedicated and hard-working' member of staff who would be 'enormously missed.'

'All of us at Senate Group are devastated to have heard the tragic news about Tom an Richie,' Ms Keeling said.

'Tom was a remarkable team member and friend, who was exceptionally hard working and dedicated to his role. He made consistently excellent contributions to our team that were greatly valued by all of us.

'He will be enormously missed by all of the Senate team and also by our customers.

'We send our sincere condolences for the loss of Tom and Richie to their family, along with our thoughts and prayers.'

The pair's family has been informed, although the bodies have yet to be formally identified.

A massive search for the pair was mounted on Wednesday involving mountain rescue teams and a coastguard helicopter.

But today Police Scotland said that two bodies have been found during a search in Glencoe Wednesday evening.

'They are yet to be formally identified. However, the family of father and son Tom Parry, 49, and Richie Parry, 12, from Cheshire, who had been reported missing in the area, have been made aware,' said the force.

'Enquiries are ongoing but there are no apparent suspicious circ*mstances.

'A report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal in due course.'

Inspector Craig Johnstone said: 'Our thoughts are with all those involved. I would like to thank all emergency services and mountain rescue volunteers.'

It is believed that the weather was not ideal when they began their walk. The area has been hit by thundery downpours this week, with a Met Office yellow 'be aware' warning for thunderstorms in place on Monday.

The bodies have not yet been identified, but police said there are no suspicious circ*mstances

The car the pair was travelling in was found in the Three Sisters car park in Glencoe

Local football team AFC Alsager previously took to social media to join the appeal in the search for the Parrys.

A spokesperson for the club said Richie had 'recently joined' their under-13s team.

They added: 'We're all praying that Tom and Richie are both found safe and return home. Our thoughts are with their family and friends.'

Local church St Mary Magdalene said it would be open on Thursday for anyone 'who wishes to come in and peacefully hold Tom, Richie, and all their family, in their thoughts and prayers.'

Mother whose son, 12, and husband, 49, went missing is 'heartbroken' (2024)
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