The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2024)



18 SHOWROOMS AND SERVICE CENTERS. ALL AT ONE LOCATION. Hundred of Cars and Trucks Traded Daily Products of General Motors Cadillac, Pontia Buick, Oldsmobile Chevrolet Ford Motor Co. Products, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury. Chrysler Corp.

Products, Imperial, Chrysler. Plymouth, Dodge, American Motor Co. Products. Every Make Foreign Car From Volkswagen to Rolls Royce. SITCU.

flTlWaSyfSSi OUT A DIAL ON ANOTHER AUTOMOBIL1 AND IN MANY INSTANCES YOUR PAYMENT MAY II LOWER DEPENDING ON YEAR, MAKE, MODEL ANO EQUIPMENT YOU SELECT OR WI WILL PURCHASI YOUR CAR POR SPOT CASH. There's no thortag of Auto Finance Money at Reedmon's. Wo aro agents for banks and national finance companies with unlimited coin available Immediately. i uU i FOOTED AREA CODE 215 949-3800 NO PENNSYLVANIA SALES TAX TO OUT OF STATE BUYERS AREA CODE 215-757-4361 DIRECT FACTORY DEALER IMPERIAL, CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH, There's a big Ford Dealer in Philadelphia Not one, but three blocks long. Simple 65 Monthly Payment Plan DODGE, RAMBLER, MB, JAGUAR, AUSTiN HEALEY, SIMCA, RENAULT, PEUGEOT, GENERAL MOTORS FRANCHISE NO MONEY DOWN '64 RAMBLER American 220 2-Dr.

Sdn Auto. C9Q Trans, leaded 3 '64 SIMCA 1000 4-Dr. Sdn. 4-Spd. Vinyl Bucket Seats.

JJQQ '61 IMPERIAL Crown Convt. Cpe Torqueflite, 4-Way Power, CTQQ Vinyl Uphols. loaded 9 133 '63 IMPERIAL leBaron 4-Dr. Hdtp Torquoflita, 4-Way Pwr. $899 '63 PONTIAC Orond Prix Hdtp.

WE HAVE BUT ONE LOCATION. ROUTE 1, LA NGHORNE. PA. WORLD'S LARGEST DEALER PRIVATE SALE NOW GOING ON VISIT OUR 150-ACRE MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR AUTO CENTER TEN MILLION DOLLAR 5.000 PASSENGER CAR AND TRUCK EXHIBIT -r rv rinVii fvrv hat niip nitirii isvi i- vno tt us un iv riKOi fftHiiricivi jyvi uuc vivui. derive, 1 700 CHANNELS 3, 6, New '68 Falcon New '68 Mustang $295 Down '68 Fairlane 500 MONTH Financing Including jet here, we will order tame New CAR SPECIALS 00000000000000 An $39 Down New '68 Galaxie $415 Down 36-Monfh If ear Is sold before you '66 THUNDERBIRD Landau 2-Dr.

Full Power, Fact. Air Cond. WSW $2499 '65 T-BIRD Convert. Full Pow-r, Leather Interior C1QQQ WSW. R4H l3Sif o6 CHRYSLER Newport 4-Dr.

Sdn. V-8, Auto. Pwr. WSW. RH $1799 '68 DODGE Dart 270 Modal, Auto.

WSW, in 0 W.rrantv 999 '67 FORD Custom 500. V-8, Cruisaomathi, Power Steering and Brakes, CIIQQ WSW. 1133 '65 GALAXIE 500 Convert. V-8, Cruiseomatic. Power Steers' ing Brakes, CIA QQ 0 WSW.

RH I Jj '65 CHEV. Impale 2-Dr. Hdtp. V-8. Pwr.

JE $1399 66 COMET 2-Dr. Hdtp. Std, 'C19CQ WSW, RAH I '65 PLYMOUTH Fury Station Wagon. V-8, Auto. ciOnfJ WSW.

RSH I S.33 WSW, RSH USED i 10 '67 WILLYS CIS 4-Wheel Drive Jeep Std. Wom-leckina Front Hubs, Canvas Cab. Leaded. Used. Al most $600 under orig.

cost $1999 '67 CHEV. 30 1-Ton Stoke Body Truck Dual Rear Wheels, Heater, etc. Used. Al most $1000 under orig. cost $1899 "67 CHEV.

10 Vi-Ton Pleetsido Pick- Up Std. Heater, etc Used. Almost $900 under orig. cost $1599 65 CHEV. El Camlne Sport Pick-Up V-B, Std.

Pwr. CI 9QQ Steering, loaded I s3il '65 DODGE A100 Van Vi-Ton Panel Truck OHV CQQQ Std. Trans Heater, etc. VW 10 Vi-Ten Pick-Up. 6- $799 V4-Ton Plek-Up $699 '64 CHEV.

Std. RSH, '64 GMC Std. RSH. '53 FORD ira. Heater, etc.

F10O Vs-Ten Pick-Up. 6- NO MONEY DOWN '66 OPEL Kadette I 2-Dr. Sdn 4-Spd. Vinyl CQQQ Bucket Seats, loaded QOJJ3 '66 SIMCA 1000 4-Dr. Sdn.

4-Spd. Vinyl C7QQ Bucket Seats. Loaded 133 '66 FIAT HOOD 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn 4-Spd.

Vinyl Bucket CTQQ Seats, R. A H. I 33 '65 VOLKSWAGEN 1500 Sunroof 2-Dr. Sdn. 4-Spd.

Vinyl Bucket Seats, R. $999 '65 CHEV. Impala 4-Dr. Hdtp. V-8, Powergiide, Pwr.

Steering, 999 65 CHEV. Bel Air 4-Dt. V-8, Powergiide, CQQQ r. A H. Q333 '65 PLYMOUTH Belvedere I 4-Dr.

Sdn. Std. CQQQ All Cond. Loaded 333 '65 FORD Custom 4-Dr. Sdn.

Auto. Trans. kQQQ loaded 3 3 3 '65 VOLKSWAGEN Variant 2-Dr. Bucket Sta. Wgn.

4-Spd. Trans Seats. Loaded $999 $899 vt. Cpe. $899 4-Dr.

Sta. '65 MUSTANG Hdtp. Cpe. Std. Vinyl Bucket Seats, R.

A H. '65 DODGE Dart G.T. Convt. Cpe V-8, Std. Vinyl CQQQ Bucket Seats, R.

A H. VU33 '65 FORD Country Sedan. 4-Dr. Sta Won. V-8, Auto.

Trans $799 Dr. Sdn. 6- $799 Ct Unn R. A H. '65 DODGE Dart 170 4-Dr.

Sdn. Auto. Trans. C.TQQ Loaded 133 '65 DODGE Coronet 4-Dr. Sta.

Wgn. V-8, Torqueflite, Pwr Steering, R. A H. '65 RENAULT 1100 4-Dr. Sdn.

4 Sdn. 4- $649 Spd. Vinyl Bucket Seats, R. A H. '64 AMBASSADOR 990 (by Rambler) Hardtop Coupe V-8, Auto.

Rambler) $999 Dbl. Bucket Seats, Factory Air-Cond. Loaded. '64 BUICK Special 2-Dr. Sdn.

V-6 OHV Auto. CQQQ Pwr. Steering, R. A H. V33J '64 OLDS Dynamic 88 Holiday 4-Dr.

Hdtp. Dbl. Pwr. CTQQ Loaded 9 I 33 '64 DODGE 330 4-Dr. Sta.

Wgn. V-8, Torqueflite, Pwr. CTQQ Steering. Loaded OI33 '64 RAMBLER Classic 770 Hdtp. Cpe.

V-8, Twin Stick Overdrive, CQQ Vinyl Bucket Seats, loaded 113 64 PLYMOUTH Fury 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn. V-8, Torqueflite, Pwr. CTfiQ Steering, leaded '64 RAMBLER Classic 660 4-Dr.

Sta. Wgn. Auto. CTQQ Auto. RSH.

Vl33 '64 CHEV. Biscoyne 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn. Powergiide.

$699 '64 FORD Galaxie 500X1 Hdtp. Cpe. V-8, Auto. Pwr. Steering, Vinyl Bucket Seats, Air Cond.

loaded '64 PLYMOUTH Belvedere 4-Dr. Sdn. Torqueflite, CfiAQ R. A H. 64 CHRYSLER Newport 4-Dr Hdtp Torqueflite, Pwr.

Steering, CCQQ R. A 033 '64 CHEV. Bel Air 2-Dr. Sdn. 6-Cyl.

Powergiide, R. A $599 '67 PLYMOUTH Belvedere I 4-Dr. Sdn. Torqueflite. leaded.

Used. Almost $1100 under 599 '67 CHEVTI Blscayno 4-Dr. Sdn. Std. Trans, loaded.

Used. Almost $1000 SI 599 under orig. cost 67 RAMBLER American 440 4-Dr. Auto. Trans, loaded.

Used. Almost $1300 ffl AQQ under orig. cost V'1" 67 FALCON 2-Dr. Sdn. Auto.

Tarns. Loaded. Used. Almost $1100 undor SI 499 orig. cost 67 CHEV.

Nova 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn. Std. Vinyl Lug gage Rack, loaded.

Used $1499 67 CORVAIR SOO Hdtp. Cpe. Auto. Vinyl Uphole. Loaded.

Used. Almost AQQ $1000 under orig. cost BJ '66 IMPERIAL LeBaron 4-Dr. Hdtp. Torqueflite, S-Way Tilt Telescope Wheel, Autronlc Eye, Vinyl Factory CQffQQ Air Cond.

Loaded sJOHJJJJ '66 OLDS Toronado Pastback Sport Hdtp. Cpe. Auto. Dbi. Vinyl Strata-Bench Seats.

S2799 '66 CHRYSLiR Town A Country 9-Pass. Sta. Wgn. Torqueflite, Dbl. Vinyl Luggage Rack.

Loaded '66 PONTIAC Grand Prix Sport Hdtp. Cpe. Dbl. Strato-Bench Seats, Factory Air Cond. S2399 66 CHRYSLER New Yorker 4-Dr.

Hdtp. Torqueflite, Dbl. Elec. Windows, Factory Air S2299 Cond. Loaded '66 OLDS Vista Cruiser 9-Pass.

Sta. Wan V-8. Dbl. Factory Air Cond. loaded $2199 '66 BUICK LeSabre 4-Dr.

Hdtp. Auto. Dbl. Factory C9 1 QQ Air Cond. loaded '66 PONTIAC C.T.O.

Sport Hdtp. Cpe. V-8, Dbl. Vinyl Roof, Vinyl Bucket Seats, Factory Air $1999 66 CHRYSLER Newport 4-Dr. Hdtp.

Torqueflite, Dbl. C1QQQ Factory Air Cond. Loaded I 339 '66 PONTIAC Carolina 4-Dr. Sdn. Pwr.

SlfiQQ Steering. Loaded '66 CHRYSLER Newport 4-Dr. Hdtp. Torquoflita, Pwr. Steering, loaded vl I3 '66 CHEV.

Impala 4-Dr. Hdtp. V-8, Pewerglide, Pwr. Steering, Factory Air $1799 66 DODGE Coronet 440 Hdtp. Cpe.

V-8, Torqueflite, Pwr. Steering, Vinyl lUePqhd.d S1599 '66 COMET Callente Sport Hdtp. Cpe. V-8, Auto. Pwr.

Steering, Vinyl Uphols. $1599 66dCHEVChelle Malibu Hdtp. Cpe. V-8, Std. Trans.

S1 RQQ Loaded 66 PLYMOUTH Sport Fury Hdtp. Cpe. V-8, Torqueflite, Pwr. Steering, Vinyl Roof, Vinyl Bucket CIROQ Seats. Loaded '66 AMBASSADOR 990 (by Ramb ler) Hdtp.

Cpe.V-S, Auto. Dbl. Vinyl Bucket Q1 cf QQ Seats. Loaded 66 CHEV. Chovello Malibu Convt.

V-8, 4-Spd. C14QQ Vinyl Uphols. Leaded M99 66 CHEV. Impala Hdtp. Cpe.

V-8 Pewerglide, Pwr. Steer-ing. Loaded $1499 66 CHEV. Bel Air 4-Dr. Sdn.

V-8, Pewerglide, Dbl. Factory Air 22- $1499 '66 FORD Galaxie SOO Hdtp. Cpe.V-S Cruiseomatic. $1499 '66 SuVersport Hdtp. Cpe.

Std. VlnylCI QQQ Bucket Seats. Loaded l9ls397 '66 RAMBLER Classic 770 Convt. Cpe. Auto.

Trans. CI QQQ Bucket Seats. Loaded '66 CHEV. Bel Air 2-Dr. Sdn.

Powergl ido. 9 Loaded I '66 CHEV. Chovello Malibu 4-Dr. Powergiide, Pwr. Steering, Vinyl C.19QQ Uphols.

leaded fc5S '66 RAMBLER Classic SOO 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn. Auto. Trans.

Loaded $1299 '65 FORD Galaxie SOO 4-Dr. Hdtp. V-S, Auto. Pwr. C1HQQ Steering.

Leaded IU3a '65 DODGE Dart GT Sport Hdtp. Cpe. Torqueflite, Vinyl Bucket SPORTS and FOREIGN Visit Our Sports and Foreign Car Center. 10 Franchises Foreign and Domestic. '68 MUSTANG Sport Hdtp.

Cpe. V-8, Std. Vinyl Bucket Seats, loaded. Used. Almost CO QQQ $500 under orig.

cost '68 MUSTANG Sport Hdtp. Cpe. Std. Vinyl Bucket Seats, R. A H.

Used. Almost C.99QQ $SOO undsv orig. cost 68 VOLKSWAGEN 1600 2-Dr. Sta. Wgn.

4-Spd. Vinyl Bucket Seats, Used. Almost 4uo unaer orig. cost $2199 '67 CORVETTE Sting Ray Convt. Cpe.

V-8, Auto. Vinyl Bucket Seats. Leaded. Used. Almost C97QQ $1200 under orig.

cost IJJJJ 67 JAGUAR XKE Convt. Cpe. Twin OH Cam 4-Spd. Leather Bucket Seats, Knock- Off Wire Wheels. Leaded.

Used. Al most $2100 under orig. cost '67 THUNDERBIRD Hdtp. Cpe. Cruiseomatic, Dbl.

Elec. Windows, Vinyl Bucket Seats, Factory Air Cend. Loaded. Used. Almost $1500 $3599 Spot Cash for Your Car or Truck Regardless of Make Sport Hdtp.

Cpe. V-8, Cruiseomatic, Pwr. Steering, Vinyl Bucket Seats. Loaded, Used. Almost $1200 under oria.

cost $2099 '67 MUSTANG 2 2 Sport Fastback Hdtp. Cpe. Cruiseomatic, Vinyl Bucket Seats. Loaded. Used.

Almost $1200 $2099 under orig. cost '67 MUSTANG Sport Hdtp. Cpe. V-8, Std. Vinyl Bucket Seats.

Loaded. Used. Almost CI QQQ $900 under orig. cost 1333 67 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Dr. Sdn.

4-Spd. Vinyl C19QQ Bucket Seats. Leaded sjlfc3J '67 SAAB 3-Saatar Sta. Wgn. 4-Spd.

Front Wheel Drive. Loaded. Used. Almost ClflQQ $1300 under orig. cost 'U33 '67 OPEL Kadette 2-Dr.

Sdn. Vinyl Bucket Seats. Loaded. Used. Almost ClflQQ $700 under orig.

cost IWieJ 66 THUNDERBIRD Landau Hdtp. Cruiseomatic, 4-Way Vinyl Roof, Factory C97QQ Air Cond. Loaded Wfc I J3 66 MUSTANG 22 Fastback Sport Cpe. V-8, Cruiseomatic, Pwr. Steering, Vinyl Bucket Seats, 1499 '66 TRIUMPH Spitfire Mark II Convt.

Cpe. 4-Spd. Vinyl Bucket Seats, Knock-Off CI QQQ Wire Wheels. Loaded '66 VOLKSWAGEN 1300 2-Dr. Sdn.

4-Spd. Bucket CI OQQ Seats. Loaded I U33 65 THUNDERBIRD Hdtp. Cpe. Auto.

4-Way Factory '65 BUICK Riviera Hdtp. Cpe Auto. Dbl. Vinyl C99QQ Bucket Seats, loaded fc 3 9 '64 THUNDERBIRD Landau Hdtp. Cpe.

Cruiseomatic, Dbl. Elec. Windows, Vinyl Roof, Vinyl Bucket Seats. C1RQQ Loaded Iw33 BOATS MOTORCYCLES TRUCKS JEEPS '68 GMC 1500 Vs-Ten Wideside Pick-Up Std. Heater, etc.

Used. Almost $500 under CJ-J QQQ '67 WILLYS Jeepster Commando Convt. V-6 OHV Eng Std. 4-Wheel Drive, Top A Side Curtains, Vinyl Bucket Seats, Snowplow with Hydraulic lift. Loaded.

Used. Almost $2499 (WiW, RSM Mirrors QeoeosooosoooooocoscooeoocccccoooeGoococcoQCCooooooeoeooo WSW RAH Mirrori 7700 Frai-kford 4-6700 VISIT THE GREATEST 1968 MODEL TRADE-IN SALE ON EARTH CONVENIENTLY LOCATED TO SERVE YOU Approximately 9-mlnute drive from Phiia. city limits. 9-minute drive from Trenton A Burlington, N.J. Bridge A 7 minutes from Turnpike exit.

OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK 9 A. M. TILL 10 P. M. CLOSED SUNDAYS 66 RAMBLER American Rogue Sport Hdtp.

Cpe. 6-Cyl. OHV Auto. Vinyl Bucket Seats CI 9QQ with CopsoIo. Leaded 6" '66 PLYMOUTH Fury I 4-Dr.

Sdn. $11 99 '66 DODGE Coronet 4-Dr. Sdn. Torqueflite, Pwr. C11QQ Steering.

Loaded EiJ '66 CORVAIs, Monsa Sport Hdtp. Cpe. 6 Powergiide, Vinyl S1 199 '66 DODGE Dart 170 4-Dr. Sdn. Md'ed si 1 49 '66 FALCON Future 2-Dr.

Sdn. Cruisomatic, CIIAQ Vinyl Uphols. loaded 66 CORVAIR 500 Hdtp. Coupe ClflQQ Vinyl Uphols. loaded VlJ 6S LINCOLN Continental 4-Dr.

Sdn. Auto. 5-Way Leather Factory C9RQCI Air Cond. Loaded 3 '65 BUICK Riviera Sport Hdtp. Cpe.

Auto. Dbl. Elec. Windows A Seat, Vinyl Bucket Seats, Factory Air Cond. C9QQQ loaded 9C099 65 CHRYSLER New Yorker Hdtp.

Torqueflite, 4-Way Fac- Cond. loaded $1799 '65 FORD Country Squire 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn. V-8, Cruiseomatic, Pwr.


PHONE AREA CODE 215-757-4961. '65 PLYMOUTH Fury III 9-Pass. Sta. Wgn. V-8, Torqueflite, Pwr.

Steering, Vinyl SI 439 Luggage Rack. 6S PONTIAC Tempest LoMans 2-Dr. Sport Cpe. V-8, 4-Spd. Vinyl $1499 '65 CHEV.

Bel Air 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn V-8, Powergiide, Pwr. CI QQf) Steering. Loaded 'VJ 65 CHRYSLER Newport 4-Dr.

Hdtp. Torqueflite, Dbl. Pwr. $1399 '65 FORD Galaxie 500 Convt. Cpe.V-S, Cruiseomatic, Pwr.

Steering, $1399 '65 CHEV. Impala Supersport Hdtp. Cpe. V-S, Powergiide, Pwr. Steering, Vinyl Bucket Seats.

1299 "65 PLYM6WHTurylT 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn. V-8, Torqueflite, CI 9QQ Pwr. Steering, '65 CHEV.

Impala Supersport Hdtp. Cpe. V-8, Auto. Pwr. Steer ing, Vinyl Bucket CIIQQ Seats, loaded "65 FORD Fairlane 4-Dr.

Sta Wgn V-8, Auto. Pwr. Steering, leaded $1199 Itp. Cpe. '45 COMET Caliente Hdtp.

Cpe. Auto. Trans, loaded $1199 r. Hdtp. ring.

Vinyl $1149 5 CHEV. Impala 4-Dr. Hdtp. V-8, Powergiide, Pwr. Steering, Vinyl Roof.

Loaded '65 PLYMOUTH Sport Fury Hdtp. Cpe. V-8, Torqueflite, Pwr. Steering, Vinyl Loaded $1149 CA9Me. V-- 1IS19 CCO Me.

Radio, Heater, C9C VW Open Monday through Saturday CADILLACS-CADILLACS 47 CADILLAC 4-Dr. Sdn. da 4-Way Factory Air Cond. Loaded. Used.

Almost CIQQQ $1900 under coif WH033 '6 CADILLAC oO Special 4-Dr. Fleetwood -Woy Leather Factory Air CQQQ Cond. Loaded '66 CADILLAC 4-Dr. Sdn. doVillo.

4-Way Pwr Fa- CQfiQQ tory Air Cond. Loaded as MDiLAb -ur. wn. ae vim 4-Woy Fee- $2899 rory Air Cond. Loaded '65 CADILLAC Calais 4-Dr.

Hdtp. 4-Way Fae- "7 lory Air Cond. Loaded Vfc I 33 '64 CADILLAC do Villo 4-Dr. Hdtp. 4-Way Leather E2Z $H99 '68 CHRYSLER Newport 4-Dr.

Sdn. Torqueflite, Pwr. Steering, Wheel Covers. Loaded. Used.

Almost $900 $2999 '68 PLYMOUTH Custom Suburban 4-Dr. 9-Pass. Sta. Wgn. V-8, Torqueflite, Pwr.

Steering, Vinyl Radio, WW Tires. Used. Almost SX rjr $2999 '68 PONTIAC Carolina 4-Dr. Sdn. V-S, Pwr.

Steering. Loaded. Used. Almost S9O0 under $2749 689'PlTm6uTH Fury" III Hdtp. Cpe.

V-, Torqueflite, Pwr. Steering, vinyl Uphols. Loaded. Used. Almost $800 under oiig.

cost $2699 '68 PONTIAC Firebird Sport Hdtp. Cpe. V-S 350 Std. Trans, on Floor, Vinyl Bucket Seats, Radio, WW Tiros. Used.

Almost C9RQQ $600 under orig. cost ViU33 '68 PLYMOUTH Suburban 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn. V-8, Std.

Vinyl Uphols. Loaded. Used. Almost CO CQQ $800 under orig. cost v'W' '67 RAMBLER American 440 4-Dr.

Sta. Wgn. 6-Cyl. OHV Auto. Vinyl R.

A H. Used. Almost $700 under $2249 PLYMOUTH Belvedere 2-Dr. Sport Cpe. V-8, Std.

R. A H. Loaded. Used. Almost CO 1 QQ $600 under orig.

cost '68 RAMBLER Rebel 550 4-Dr. Sdn. Std. Trans. Loaded.

Used. o-v. yi iu. i una, most $500 undur $2099 I 220 2-Dr. $1699 eng.

cost '68 RAMBLER America 220 2-Dr. Sdn. Std. Loaded. Used '67 CHRYSLER New Yorker Hdtp.

Cpe. Torqueflite, Dbl. Elec. Windows, Vinyl Roof, Vinyl Bucket Seats, Faatory Air Cond. Loaded, Used.

Almost $2400 under $3299 '67 OLDS Dolmen SB 42S Holiday 4-Dr. Hdtp. Auto. Dbl. Elec.

Windows, Vinyl Factory Air Cond. Loaded. Used. Almost $1500 under orig. cost $2599 47 CHRYSLER Newport Convt.

Cpe. Torqueflite, Dbl. Vinyl Uphols. Loaded. Used.

Almost C9RQQ $1500 under orig. eost soil 3 3 '67 DODGI Monaco 4-Dr. Sdn. V-8, Torqueflite, Dbl. Factory Air Cond.

Loaded. Used. Almost $1500 $2599 67 Newport 4-Dr. Hdtp. Torqueflite, Dbl.

Pwr. Loaded. Used. Almost $1400 under $2499 Cpe. V-B, Auto.

Pwr. Steering. Air Cend. Loaded. Used.

Almost $1400 under orig. cost Vfc3 "67 PLYMOUTH VIP Hdtp. Cpe. V-B, Torquoflita, Dbl. Vinyl Roof, Vinyl Uphols.

Loaded. Used. Almost $1300 S2299 under orig. cost VfcBiWiJ '67 DODGE Charger Pastback Hdtp. Cpe.

V-8, Torqueflite, Pwr. Steer ing, Vinyl Bucket Seats. Loaded. Used. Almost $1700 ander $2299 67 CH Cpe.

V-8, Pewerglide, Pwr. Steering, Vinyl Uphols. Loaded. Used. Almost $1200 $2199 67 PLYMOUTH Fury III 4-Dr.

Hdtp. V-8, Torqueflite, Elec. Windows, Vinyl Uphols. loaded. Used.

Almost STL S2199 '67 FORD Fairlane Hdtp. Cpe V-8, Std. Vinyl Uphols. loaded Used. Almost $1200 under orig.

cost $2099 67 CHEV. Chovello Malibu Hdtp. Cpe. V-8, Pewerglide. Loaded.

Used. Almost $1200 under dODGE Coronet 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn V-8, Torquoflita, Pwr. Steering, Vinyl Uphols.

Loaded. Used. Almost $1400 $2099 67 CHEVY II Nova Hdtp. Cpe. V-8, Auto.

Pwr. Steering. Loaded. Used. Almost C1QQQ $1200 under orig.

I '67 DODGE Dart G.T. Sport Hdtp. Cpe. Torqueflite, Vinyl Bucket Seats with Console Vinyl Roof. Load ed.

Used. Almost $1300 under orig. cost $1799 '68 CHEV. Impale Sport Cpe. PGlide Radio, Heater, Fact.

Air, W.W. Tires. Wheel Discs. Loaded. ggQQ '67 CADILLAC Convt.

Ivory wMack Top, Full Power, $2400 '67 CHEV. Impala Sport Cpe. Also 4-Dr. H.T. C91QR Factory Air 9C 199 Air.

'66 Cpe. Air, 47 VW ModelMl!" 4-Spd. Trans. Coupe. Radio, Heater, CQQ 6000 Mile.

VW3 Mo. '66 CADILLAC Cpe. deVllle, Silver wMotching leather Interior, Full Power, AMFM Rodio, Black Vinyl Roof, Factory $73 '66 RIVIERA. Super Turbine Full Power, Factory Air-Cond. $62 Mo Leaded '66 TORONADO, British Green wMatching leather Int.

Full CKQ AMFM Radio Vw3 '66 MUSTANG. V-8 Engine, 4 On the Floor, Radio, Heater, W. W. Tires. CJIO Mo.

V-S, Is 24th BO Radio, Heater Discs, Air '66 Wagon, Heater, '66 SS; 6S Cpe. Radio, Heater 65 Auto. Dual 65 "6S Auto. Power, '65 Glass, Loaded Cpe. Dbl.

Vinyl Bucket Seats, Air Cond. loaded $799 '63 CHRYSLER 300 Hdtp. Cpe. Torqueflite, Dbl. CRQQ Bucket Seats, R.

'63 VOLVO 122S 4-Dr. Sdn -Spd. Vinyl Bucket Seats, $699 R. H. '63 FORD Galaxie SOO Convt.

V-8, Auto. CRQQ Vinyl R. A H. JW3S '63 CHEVROLET Biscoyne 4-Dr. Sta.

Wgn. 4-Cyl Pewerglide, fJ99 '63 DODGE Custom 880 Hdtp. Cpe. V-8, Torqueflite, Dbl. r' $599 R.

A H. '63 TRIUMPH TR4 Convt. Coupe 4-Spd. CRQQ Vinyl Bucket Seats, t. A H.

63 FORD Galaxie 500 Hdtp. Cpe V-8, Cruiseomatic, Pwr. CRQQ Steering, R. A H. 3J 63 OLDS 88 4-Dr.

Hdtp CELQ Pwr. Steering, RSH. '63 DODGE 440 4-Dr. Sdn. Power Steering, J499 "61 FORD Galaxie 500 4-Dr.

Sdn. Auto. $499 63 RAMBLER Classic 5S0 4-Dr. Sdn. Auto.

$399 '63 FALCON Sprint Convt. Cpe. v-8, 4-spd. C.9QQ- RH. J.33.

'63 RAMBLER American 220 2-Dr. Std. C.1QQ- Trons. loaded 133. 62 THUNDERBIRD Hdtp.

Cpe. -Auto. 4-Way Factory" Air Cond. CPQO' Loaded '62 BUICK Special 4-Dr, Auto. Pwr.

Steering, RSH. Sdn. V-8, $399: 62 VALIANT Signet 200 Hdtp. Cpe. Std.

CQQQ Vinyl Bucket Seats. R. A H. '62 VOLKSWAGEN 2-Dr. Sedan 4-Spd.

Bucket Seets. CQQ '62 CHEvVTrNe Convt. Cpe. Pewerglide, CQQQ Vinyl R. A '62 PLYMOUTH Belvedere 4-Dr.

Sdn V-8, Auto. Power Steering, R. $349: '62 LANCER 170 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn Torque- CQAQ flite, RSH.

sJsJ-3 62 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn. Std. CQQ 62 TEMPEST leMaTs 2-Dr.

Sport Auto. CIAQ RSH. -V 9 '62 FORD Fairlane SOO 4-Dr. Sdn Fit' $149 '62 RAMBLER Classic" Deluxe 4-Dr. Sta.

Wgn. CQQ Auto. R. A H. V33 '61 THUNDERBIRD Hdtp.

Cpe. Cruiseomatic, Dbl. CRQQ Bucket Seats, leaded '61 CORVAIR Memo 4-Dr. Sport Pewerglide, C9QQ Bucket Seats, RSH. V- '61 DODGE Phoenix Convt.

Cpe.V-S, Auto. C9QQ Power Steering, R. H. W'33 '61 FALCON Sdn. Delivery C1QQ Std.

Trans, loaded. 133 '61 RAMBLER Classic Custom 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn.4-Cyl., C1QQ Std. R.

I H. I "61 LANCER 170 4-Dr. Sta. Wgn. Torqueflite.

SI QQ loaded I 33 '61 RENAULT Dauphine 4-Dr. Sdn. ted $99 Leaded '61 VALIANT V20O 4-Dr. Ste. CQQ Wgn.

RSH. '61 RAMBLER American Deluxe Sedan Auto. CQf r. a h. v3 '60 DODGE Phoenix Hdtp.

Coupe, V-S, Torqueflite, C1QQ Power Steering, R. 8 H. 3 '60 CHEV. Bel Air 4-Dr. Sdn.

CTQ 6-Cyl. Powerqlide, RSH. .9 19 '59 VOLKSWAGEN Convt. C1IQ. 4-Spd.

'59 PEUGEOT 403 4-Dr. Sdn. CQQ 4-Spd. Trans, loaded WWW '58 CAD. Sdn.

do Ville CI QQ 4-Woy RSH. '57 CHEV. Bel Air 4-Dr. $129 Sdn. V-8, Powergiide, RSH.

'55 FORD Fairlane 2-Dr. C1Q Sdn. V-8, Std. Trans. I 3 '64 DODGI lancer Convert.

Radio, Heater. W.W. Tires, C97M Wheel Discs Vfc I '64 CORVAIR Mania 4-Dr. Radio, Heater, W. Wheel Discs $495 Mo.

'64 CHEV. Impale Convert. Rodio, W.W. Tires, Wheel Discs, loaded $38 M- '63 CHEV. Impala Spt.

Cpe. V-8, Pwr. Steering, Radio, COO Me. Heater 900 Cpe. '63 PONTIAC Cat.

Sp. Cpe. PSteering, PBrokes, $795 '63 FORD Galaxie '500' XI Sport Coupe. Auto. PSteerinq, Power Brakes, Radio, Etc.

9 CO '63 FORD Falrisne 500 Sport Cpe. V-s, Aute. Pwr. Steering, COO Me, Radio, Htr. V'U '61 BUICK Invlcta 4-Dr.

Hdtp. Auto. CI 7 Me. loaded $175 Down Interest ear at same price for you. NO DOWN PAYMENT 8 '60 CADILLAC DeVille 2-Dr.

Full Fact. Air C1QQ Cream Puff 9H99 '62 FORD Galaxie 500 4-Dr. V-8, Auto Pwr. I A yyjyy, Pnnn Srd. Trans.

Glass West Coast Rear $899 'til 10 PM Imports Sporti Can MGB convt. '64 red wred leather int. chrome luggage racx, wiro wnien, i ton Intu mil Mutt mmm DAI.ClJIIWIIUIIl VICUII II. 4 drive. Sac.

$1095. Belgrade Auto ii aim wtorage ijaroge. va 1 1 roogy lit -qqj MGA '63. blk conv roadster, worked engine. Brand new clutch, new Tonneau cover too.

New grill, wire wheels. In perf cond. Asking $750. EV 6-1741. 65 MGB Rdstr, 4-spd, AM radio, ton neau, excel cond.

beaut blh. $1499 PHILPENN OF BRYN MAWR, LA 5-5900 MORGAN '67 4- 4 ROADSTERS 10.000 original miles, AM-FM radio, wire wheels, tonneau cover, British rnrinn areen finish. arefullv main tained, absolutely flawless. Sacrifice $3495. May bo seen at Garage, tL 7-4343, anytime.

BUICK OPELS 1967's SAVE SAVE RALLYES WAGONS FASTBACKS $44. 1.56 Per Mo SEE GENERAL MOTORS LOWEST PRICED CAR GETZ BUICK 4211 BROAD ST. IN BUSINESS HERE OVER 49 YIARS WITH CASH OR TRADE OF $295 PORSCHE Only Authorized Dealer Moore Motors 4640 N. BROAD ST. GL 5-3700 912-911-91 IL COUPE TARGA On Display Now available with optional Soortsmatlc transmission Colosimo's 923-37 Spring Garden! Phila.


Large stock of 1968 Triumons on hand A 67 at bargain orices.Over 100 1963 Yamahas to choose from. All sizes. Big values. Lew prices. A few 67 leftovers.

New bikes starting from $179 ot. 215 N. York Rd. Harboro OS 5-1 30 9 to 9 Mon thru Friday. 9 to 5, Sot.

Enley The New World ef FunftWheelsat RIFF'S CYCLE CENTER WHRE THE ACTION ISI We're Number 1 A we still try harder HONDA, TRIUMPH. YAMAHA S. THE HONOA 350's APE HERE Rts 1. Longhome. Pa.

SK 7-6362 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT 7614 CASTOR AVENUE We deal in service, we buy used bikes Used 350-1967 Vo-ah $675 HA. EMBLEMS, ROCKERS. Motorcycle Club. custom des gn by Adelohla Embroidery, 924 Cherry Phila, WA 2-4453 SWAP '54 Mercedes runs. 4-cosh for Hodaka.

Lobiro or st 250oc. ME 5-2965 R. AH A 61 PLYMOUTH Cony. Auto. P.S., C9QQ RAH 9C99 0 '61 CORVAIR Sta.

Wgn. 6- sisas S9 PONTIAC Convert. V-8. Auto. Power CI EQ Hi WSW.

RAH 999 XJ 60 FORD Falcon 4-Dr. Sdn. 6- Auto. CI 90 Si WSW. RAH IM 58 CHEV.

Imp-la 2-Dr. fi! V-8, Auto. CQQ WSW. RAH 999 ft TRUCKS II 9 IEEI X. rwl 0 09) titer YTaQiiveii i wsw, rah" $1299 8 '65 FORD Econoline 6-Cyl.

Door. 8 a Mbi '65 MUSTANG 2-Dr. Hdtp. V-8, Std. WSW.

$1299 '66 BUICK Special. Std. WSW, R. H. $1199 DAN Sta-ruiseomatic $1199 art.

$1199 2-Dr. Htp. Pwr. Steer. '63 COUNTRY SEDAN Sta tion Wagon, V-8, Cruiseomatic WSW, RSH '65 FALCON Convert.

Std. WSW, RSH 65 AMBASSADOR 2-Dr. Htp. V-8, Auto. Pwr.

Steer. WSW. $1099 '64 GALAXIE 500 Convert. V-8. Auto Tra ClftQQ P.S., WSW, IUM '64 GALAXIE 500 2-Dr.

V-8 Automatic Power Steering, CQQQ RAH, WSW 64 FAIRLANE 500 2-Dr. Hdtp. V8. Auto. Tra Pwr.

C.7 Steer, WSW. RAH $133 64 CHEV. Bel Air 2-Dr. Sdn. 6- Stand.

CfifiQ WW Imports Sporis Cars MERCEDES BENZ 220-SE COUPE AIR CONDITIONING This maanificent automobile is exactly os new os it coma from the showroom. EauiDDed wit haute trans, Ds, disc brakes. Becker Mexico AM-FM radio deluxe heater. Also stereo rare unit other extras. Canorv yellow finish wcontrcsting Dleated all leather interior.

Immaculate onainal thruout. Very low ml. Orig cost new 3.500. Settlement orice $4985. Ao-oivi Estate Garage.

4832 6th St. Dir. GL 7-5313. MERCEDES BENZ 1952 CABRIOLET CONVERT This magnificent Class)- Is exactly os if came from the showroom. Equip'd w4 spd syncromesh trans.

Telefunken Radio deluxe heater many other extras. Ebony Black finish contrasting all leather interior. Excellent tires. Low mileage. Orig cost new $11,000.

Must be seen driven to bo appreciated. Settlement Price $2985. ApdIv Estate Garage. 4832 6fh st, dir. GL MERCEDES '62 190 diesel.

85.000 mi. 1 owner. Clean. $1495. Ni 4-2458.

METEOR '62 V-, auto, rh, PS, perf car, 1 owner. $o85. Fin avail. Autoshowrm, 7136 Rising Son. RA 2-2110.

METROPOLITAN '61. convert. WWs, radio. Exc. cond.

Pvt. EL 5-1 099. MGB wtd. Will Paq $50 More for Clean MGB'S. Bank Balance Will Be Paid Off PHILPENN OF BRYN MAWR.

LA 5-5900 MG Wanted. Wo will pay absolute too prices for used MG ot any vintage. Call Mr. White Algar enter- prises. 527-1100 or VE 6-4100 MGB '64, wire wheels.

Tonneau cover, low mi, oerf cond. Must soli. Family too la rpe. 8 35-268 2. MG '63.

1100 Sport sedan, white. tachometer. 2 Michelin tires. Gd running cond. Call 265-3393 evenings.

1968 MGBs HERE TODAY PHILPENN OF BRYN MAWR, LA 5-5900 MG '67-Midoet, must sac. Roc Grn, ww. war, 500 mi. 1 -609-429-381 8. MGB, '64 conv White, 4 spd, wire wheels, low ml.

Exc. cond. SK 7-3675 MG TD '52. gd cond. $700 firm.

Call 933-6339 if Interested. MGB '67 convert, wire wheels, low mi, exc cond. bef 1 pm. Mi 9-9250 MGA '61, rare red hdt, wire wheels, cond, $500. Call JE 3-64 MG Midget '63, exc cond, 17,000 ml, re4-- 05 kept.

CH 8-0371 or 885-0152 MGB '67-GT. 5,000 mi, ww's. Must soil. Call after 6 PM. EV 6-6771.

MINIBIKE, Indian, 3 hp. 4 mos old. light extras. JI35. PI 4-764J.

SCHWINN 10 sear racing bike nearly w. juj. vun i 67 TRIUMPH. TR6, 650 lo-ml. New cona.

lc -u-o. TRIUMPH '65 650 cc, lo ml, now tires. must see. $6-00. EL6-4744.

VESPA '64. 125. Low hauled. Best offer i. Just over-aver $150.

1 -609-665-5C84 VESPA Gran Sport 160cc, many extras, exc cond 75-7707. 1967 YAMAHA Lots of extras, original cost over $900 $595 $95 Down Bank Financing Getz Buick In Business He-e Over 49 Yea-s 4200 N. Brood St. Gl 7-2600 YAMAHA 250 CC. YDS-3.

Immaculate conattion. Private. $525. TU 6-8823. YAMAHA like nw YAMAHA Futiv equ YAMAHA Ext cond.

YAMAHA $600. Co '67 350 Helmet cc. blk. 1200 ml, $750. IE 2-4544.

67' 305cc. "like New." ODed 1 1 -609-11 67 MC. 305 CC. Inspected. $450.

Private, VI 4-0877 '66, only 300 ml, must soil. 'I DE 6-4969 YAMAHA '67 250c Scrambler, luge. rack. exc. cond.

$500 firm IV 3-Z377. YAMAHA twin lot 100, '67. Absolutely rew cond. Best offer. Mi 2-2929.

YAMAHA '67. 250cc, 1000 ml. top cond. helmet. $500.

LO 7-C362. Bromley's Motorcycles We have 7 new franchises, 80 units In stock. Parts, repairs A accessories. 635 Sorrers Trevese. EL 7-1534 BMHMasHBKMHIKaMiaMHaIaMHIHBaHaI.

eHiiHMOMaeMHHi BROAD LOMBARD STS. PASSYUUK AVE. 7-53 (ffmfi 990" '6S OLDS 88 4-Dr. Hardtop. Auto.

Radio, Heater. CHEV. Caprice 9-Pass. Auto. Radio, '64 AMBASSADOR Auto.

AMFM Imports Sport Cars MERCEDES BENZ 220-Sf CONVERT This unusual outomobrte is absolutely In showroom condition thruoutl Eauiod w4 sod svneromest) trans, os. disc brakes, Becker AM-FM Mexico radio deluxe Heater. Alpine white finish wplush all leather itnerior accented bv mahogany paneling. Very low mi. Immaculate oria, thruout.

Original cost new $12,500. Settlement price $4375. ApdIv Estate Garage. 4832 6th St. dlr GL 7-5313.

MERCEDES BENZ 220-S This beautiful automobiie is aesolute'v in flawless condition thruout. cauio w4-sod svnerometh trans, deluxe it other extras. Alpine White fin- ish wmotching all leather interior. Very low mileage. Excellent tires.

Must be seen driven to appreciate. Settlement Price $1875. Apolv Estate Garage. 4832 6rh St. PI', GL 7-5313 MERCEDES-BENZ Factory Authorized Sales, Service Parts OVERSEAS DELIVERY ARRANGED IMPORTS 2S29 PHILMONT BETHAYRES OR 6-3250 OPEN EVES Wi 7-3250 MERCEDES BENZ A complete lino ef new, used, and executive model MERCEDES DEL.


PHONE 21 5-687-1 500 MERCEDES 220-SE. 4 dr. Luxury Sdn. Becker AM-FM radio. Metal sli sunroof.

Magnificent cocoa brwn. finish wflawless natural inf. Only 28,000 eert'fd mi. bv onq. owner.

Words cannot describe true cond. of this cor. Mst see drive to apprec. Soc Si ,275. Dir.

GA 5-7722 MERCEDES 220-SE. 4-dr. luxury Sdn. 4-spd, Becker AM-FM radio. Metal slid sunroof.

Magrtlf. cocoa brwn. fm. wflawiess nature! int. Only 000 eert'fd mi.

by ong. owner. Words: cannot describe true cond. ot this car. Must see drive to oporec.

Sac. $1275. Dir. GA 5-7722. Call today.

MERCEDES BENZ '6, 230 white, oroy, blue int. show rm cond. 5000 mi. buv ot consideraole sov'g. HO 4-9472 of 2 BMW R27 '67-Excellent condition.

S75aCoM DE or RA 5--550. CAPREE J.9S Motor Scooter. 1 SOO mi. $175. Cail bef 2 PM.

SJ 9-3596. HARLEY Davidson, mod 74 purchased In late Feb for $2520. This 67 lert- ever has less tnan 1000 mi. must sac. Going service.

Has every avo! ext-o. Best cash offer tckes It. No tnfie-s oieose. For aopt, call GA 6-4140 or GA6-0666 HAR LEY-DAVIDSON XICH semi-chopper cvs'om oernt, must be seen. VvE5TCHESTER HOND4 692-600C NEW! HONDA 175.

350 A 450 SCRAMBLERS NOW HERE. All elec. S'orting 5 SDeed In Candv Colors. 10A7 leftovers too. All b.kes new month warranty Free se-vice at CYCLES INTERNATIONAL I fasten Rd.

Across from Reading RR B86J6J6 HOMDA 4SO Scramblers In stock this! week come see them ot West Chester Houis 8'0 Market st. W. Ches- ter, Pg. 62-60g0; i HONDA '67 Super Hawk. 305 CC.

Elec start. Ex cond. Best over $25. PO 3-6966 HONDA 450. Excel cond Black.

New inspection A extras. $650. CA 4-44S2 HONDA 1964-Super Howk-350 CC, cl e-n. Co; I 1-609-S 29-4473. HONDA.

'67, 160 cc. Excellent condl- tion. $380. TU 4-3746. HONDA '65.

50CC. First $99 cash kest.Cal!2R64185, KAWASAKIS '67. 175cc A SScc, bouoht ot auction sell ot dlrs pi's ME 5-29ft5 LAMBRETTA Motor scooter cc. excel cond. JE 5-4v3o.

SUZUKI jJ' Factory Me. Factory Air. Loaded Loaded Radio, Factory Air $36 '65 CORVETTE Convert, Tops. 350 H.P., 4-Spoed, AM. '67 CHEV.

Impala 4-Dr. HT. P. Glide CI QQC Radio, Heater Vl33w '66 CHEV. Impala Sport Cpe.

V-8, Auto. Pwr. Steering, ESS $1595 '6 BUICK LeSabre Custom Coupe. P. P.

Radio, Heater $1695 CAE. FORD Custom Deluxe 7-Deor, Automatic, P. Steering, SI 295 FM Radi. OLDS 98 Holiday Sport '65 BUICK 64 MERCURY Marauder Sport Coupe. Pwr.

Steering, S34M- '64 MERCURY Monterey Sp. Auto. Radio, C9.1 Mo. Heater VW I ---M-i Fact, Full Power S54M Electro 22S Cus. Conv.

Full Radio, W.W. Tins. JO Mo. Wheel Discs QHO '65 CHEV. II Nova Sport Impala Convert.

Pwr. St -ing, S1695 Malibu SS P. Steering, $43 Cpe. CHEVELLI V-8, '64 BUICK Riviera Spt. W.

W. Tires, Radio, Htr. Factory Air Cond. Full CAR Mo. Wheel Discs Power CORVAIR SOO Sport Cpe.

Radio. Heater, $28 M' CHEV. Impala 4-Dr. HT. '64 T-BIRD Auto.

Trans. PBrokes, Radio, CIQ Mo. WW Tires, Etc. v'tO '6 PONTIAC Catollna 4-Dr. HT.

Aute. Radio, Power Steering, Pwr. Brakes, $48 M' '65 FORD LTD. Spt. Cpe.

V-S, Aute. Radio, Heater, C41 Mo. Factory Air V1 I '65 OLDS BS 4-Deer Hdtp. 64 CHEV. 9-Pass.

Wagon. V-8, P. Pwr. Brakes, Radio, CQQ Me-Heater '64 LINCOLN Continental, Full Power, Feet, Air. Chauffeur Driven.

C1Q Mo-One ef kind V3 11 PAYMENT Automatic, P. Steering, 1S1195 JUNE '64 FORD Galaxie 500 Spt. Coupe. Vinyl Reef, Radio, COO Mo. Heater VWW Auto.

Radio, Heater, CHRYSLER 2-Dr. Hdtp. Radio, Full WW. Tires, Wheel '64 PONTIAC Bonneville Convert. P.

Power Factory CVIfMo. Cond. Vt3 $1595 '64 OLDS. Vista Wgn Radio, Htr. $35 Ma P.

Steering, P. Brakes HOME '65 CHEV. V-B, Brakes, Radio. Heater DRIVE $40 M' Wheel Discs V4. tory Impala Convert.

P.S., Mo. Radio, Heater VU '65 CHEV. Impala 4-Dr. HT. P.

CI 1 QC Radio, Heater 130 TODRi '64 OLDS. '98' Cpe. Hdtp. CADILLAC Convt. Auto.

Radio, Heater, Tinted Full Power, W. Tires. Incl. Fac- CC7 Me. Air Cend.

VW I '64 OLDS. Cutlass Sport Cpe. V-8, Aute. P. Steering, Pwr.

Brakes, CQT Mo- Full Pwr. Radio, Htr. Radio. Hearer so (0(7T) rn rVTnnn nn Meal planning is so much easier with the helpful new food suggestions and unusual recipes found in the "Weekend Food Guide" every Thursday in The Inquirer. f5tS5m-S2SS COMPLETE SALES SERVlCf A PARTS FOR THE INDUSTRY LEADING LINE BANK FINANCING RAPCO SUZUKI CENTER 6841 Fronkford Ave.

2-8890 hrs. Evenings by opoointmt. 4.

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