Who killed Andie Bell in A Good Girl's Guide to Murder? (2024)

Note: The following article contains discussion of sexual misconduct.

The sixth and final episode of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder sees Pip (Emma Myers) piece together who exactly killed Andie Bell when she went missing all those years ago in Little Kilton.

After the new BBC miniseries saw the finger of suspicion point to a fair few possible culprits – including Pip's own stepfather Victor (Gary Beadle) – the case looked to finally be cracked when it became clear that the 'Secret Older Guy' Andie had been seeing was in fact the seemingly gentle English teacher Elliot Ward (Mathew Baynton, in a great casting twist).

And yet. Although Elliot fessed up to killing Sal (Rahul Pattni) and framing him for Andie's murder, all the while keeping a wayfaring blonde in the attic of the former Ward family home, he was adamant he never killed Andie.

Despite the litany of other crimes Elliot committed, this turned out to be true. The night Andie vanished, she had fought with Elliot and whacked her head on a countertop. She left with her head bleeding, in a scene the show kicked off with. But the finale showed Andie walked home afterward, to where the real killer was waiting: Andie's sister Becca (Carla Woodco*ck).

The finale comes to a head with a flashback to that fateful night. We see how Becca and Andie fought, after Andie admitted to selling Max Hastings (Henry Ashton) the date rape drugs he spiked her with before sexually assaulting her. When Becca pushed Andie in their kitchen and she fell to the floor, coughing blood, Becca did nothing to help and watched her sister die.

The final episode of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder culminates in Becca leading Pip to the well where she dumped her sister's body five years ago. By this point, Pip seems to have largely given up on going to school. Thankfully, so have Ravi (Zain Iqbal) and Cara (Asha Banks), who swoop to Pip's rescue just as Becca reveals she has drugged her and is intent on shoving her down the well, too.

So that means it was also Becca who killed poor Barney – the A Good Girl's Guide to Murder entry on Does the Dog Die? will be an absolute field day.

Pip solves the murder, smashes her EPQ and has a sweet final kiss with her sidekick Ravi. But with ensuing mysteries to plunder in Holly Jackson's novel trilogy, could we see more of the resourceful Pip Fitz-Amobi in future seasons?

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Will there be A Good Girl's Guide to Murder season 2?

There's been no official word from the BBC as of yet on whether Pip and the gang will be back, but Emma Myers and Zain Iqbal both told Digital Spy they would be keen to return.

"If everybody likes the first season, I would love to finish the rest of the books," Myers said. "You still want more of these characters, so I would love to continue it." Iqbal agreed, adding: "They round it off really well, but I'm open to the possibility."

There are certainly a number of tantalising loose ends a second season could pick up on, aside from the PipRavi romance of it all. What's next for Cara and Naomi after their dad gets found out? And how exactly will Pip wreak her promised revenge on Max Hastings? Plus, will the truth of that hit and run ever come out?

If we can't stand the wait or are denied a second season, at least there are always Jackson's books to turn to.

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A Good Girl's Guide to Murder is available on BBC iPlayer.

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Who killed Andie Bell in A Good Girl's Guide to Murder? (2024)
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